A Letter from the Ministers of the Church communities of Dorking

The ministers of the churches in Dorking wholeheartedly and with one voice condemn racism and prejudice of any kind, especially such as we have seen in the killing of George Floyd, who is only the most recent in a tragic pattern of abuse of power by some law enforcement officers and so-called vigilante justice in the US. We are aware of and lament that this is not simply an American problem or a tragic one-off but is symptomatic of a root of racism and prejudice that also exists here in the United Kingdom and is visibly and invisibly manifest in our communities and social structures.


We acknowledge that there is the potential in every human being to knowingly or unknowingly think or behave in racist and/or prejudiced ways. We hereby encourage all members of our churches and community to pause, to listen, and to examine ourselves honestly before God and each other in this respect. Where there is even a hint of racism or prejudice, we call for confession, repentance and pursuit of conciliation, beginning with ourselves.


Racism has no place in the Church of Jesus Christ. We stand with George Floyd’s family as well as too many others in their grief. We stand with our fellow men and women who are BAME, especially at this time and when so many have died of COVID-19. We also recognise and lament the prejudice that many other European nationalities endure in our nation. We commit ourselves and our congregations afresh to live by Micah 6:8 - to act justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with our God – and to discover ways in which we may tangibly and practically address issues of racism and prejudice in our communities.


Yours Faithfully in Christ Jesus our Lord


Rev. Dr Anthony Milner (St Joseph’s RC and Chair of CTD)

Pastor David Bedford (Dorking URC)

Rev. Alex Cacouris (St Paul’s CofE)

Rev. Jenny Firth (St Paul’s CofE)

Paul Gough (Minister, Crossways Community Baptist Church)

Rev. Peter Nevins, (St Johns CofE)

Rev. Nelson Porter (Harvest Community Church)

Rev. Jane Schofield (St.John’s CofE)

Apostle O. Anike Scott-Worsell (Pentecostal Church of Christ)

Pastor Phil Sutherland (Dorking New Life)

Rev. Derek Tighe (St Martins CofE)

Rev. Jeff Yelland (St Paul’s CofE)

The ministers named above are all part of the Dorking Ministers' Fellowship.

The absence of any name from the list does not mean that person has refused to sign the letter.

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