Preparing for First Holy Communion

Welcome to the First Holy Communion preparation support page. We will add to this page as the weeks go on. The material for the latest sessions will be at the top. You can scroll down for material from earlier sessions.

All the videos can be found on our YouTube playlist here


First Holy Communion and Confirmation cards and gifts can be purchased from the church repository - click here for examples of what we have in stock.

Session 5: Receiving Holy Communion 

In this section we look at the Communion Rite, and the most important part of that is, of course, receiving Jesus in Holy Communion. In this Video Fr. Tony explains how that is done. We note that, in these times of pandemic, we do things rather differently than normal. 

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Do you really mean that??

At the beginning of the Communion Rite, we pray the Our Father, which reminds us that, as children of one father, we are all related to each other - or in communion with each other - already. We are one family. But do we really mean what we pray? This video is more directed to adults rather than children, but perhaps mums and dads could learn something...

Session 4: Giving Thanks

Why has Fr. Tony got a toy car in front of him? watch the video to find out!

In the video Fr. Tony mentions the Tabernacle. In the previous video he talked about the chalice and ciborium. Here is a quizlet page on the names of some of the things you find in church

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Session 3: Offering Our Gifts

Fr. Tony explains some things about the Offertory at Mass

Sr Mary Angela explains how Holy Communion breads are made

Session 2: Listening to God's Word

Fr Tony talks about the Bible and how it fits into the Mass

The God Who Speaks

This year our bishops are encouraging us to learn more about the bible and its place in the church. They have prepared lots of resources. which you can find on the website here.

You can also click here for more resources from the Growing Up Catholic website

And don't forget to look at your Catholic Children's Bible together - make use of the special explanation pages to help your child - and you - grow in knowledge of God's word!

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