Parish Life

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Pastoral Team


The Team works to oversee that the pastoral needs of the parish are met.  Areas of responsibility include: Liturgy, Ecumenism, Youth, Children’s Liturgy, The Sick and Housebound and our Schools.  We meet several times a year to review the Parish activities and future needs.

As a group we have worked to develop our Parish Mission Statement.

Parish Priest:                                                             Father Simon Hall



First Holy Communion:                                            Emma Anderton

Confirmation:                                                            Bernadette Smith


Parish Family Groups:                                             Denzyl Castelino

School:                                                                      Carolyn Scrutton

Outreach Group (inc. Sick and Housebound):       Ricki Hughes and Julie Briscoe

St Joseph's Action on Climate (SJACE):               Julie McCulloch

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Readers and Extraordinary Ministers of Communion

These are ministries performed by trained members of the congregation during the celebration of the Mass.

Fr Simon organises training for readers and Extraordinary Ministers of Communion. Training is necessary to ensure that prospective ministers are fully aware of the importance of the ministries and the seriousness with which they should be carried out. 

Recommissioning of Ministers of Holy Communion takes place annually, notice given in the Parish Newsletter.

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Altar Servers

St. Joseph's Church has an active group of altar servers (both boys and girls), within the parish, who serve on a regular basis, primarily on the Saturday/Sunday Masses, as well as the special holy days throughout the liturgical calendar. Their role is to assist the priest and/or deacon, as well as helping the congregation to pray.

Children can become altar servers once they have made their First Communion, and we encourage adults to join us too.

St Joseph's Church is a member of the Archconfraternity of St. Stephen, and a number of altar servers are enrolled within the Guild (shown by them having a bronze medal - no matter how long they have served, at present - around their neck).


If anyone would like to serve then speak to Father Simon (Parish Priest). Alternatively, contact Martin Stebbings (St. Joseph's Church MC) on 07771 523170.

​Due to Covid-19 altar servers are not assisting during Mass.

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The Music Group

The Music Group normally leads the music at the 10.00 am Mass on most Sundays. It currently comprises any or all of singers, guitarists, flautists, a pianist and cello player. New singers and instrumentalists, young and old, are always welcome and we are also on the lookout for leadership talent.


The music group welcomes anyone who would like to join us – to sing or to play – or both! If you or your daughter/son is doing their Duke of Edinburgh award then singing/playing with the music group can count towards their volunteering!
Something to consider.  Send any enquiries via the church office. No commitment – come and give it a try.


Due to Covid-19 singing in church/during Mass is not allowed.  If you would like to join us when singing resumes at Mass, we would be delighted to see you. Please call Gabrielle Norman on 01306 883633.



The repository contains a wide range of leaflets and religious articles. Money for purchases may be put in the wall box.  While the church is closed due to COVID-19 feel free to contact the parish office if there is anything particular that you want.

Children's Liturg of the Word.png

Children’s Liturgy of the Word

Children’s Liturgy normally takes place every Sunday during 10 am Mass (term time only) for children ages 4-7. While parents may wish to remain with their child, we encourage the children to come on their own, and the parents to remain in Mass.

The children carry out a creative activity to deepen their understanding of the day’s Gospel.  The children bring their work back into Mass (at the point of the Offertory). At significant times in the liturgical year (Christmas, Lent, Easter, Pentecost) the children work together to create thematic displays on a large board.


Liturgy+ is run every other week in term time for post first Holy Communion children. (Years 4-7).


The Children’s Liturgy team are always looking for more volunteers to help lead the Liturgy. No experience is necessary. For more information please contact the parish office.

Children’s Liturgy will resume when restrictions due to Covid-19 are lifted.

Flower Group.png

Flower Group

The Flower Group are always in need of people who are keen to arrange flowers during the year at St. Joseph’s. Duties include being part of a team available for Christmas and Easter flowers and also for flower arranging every couple of months, usually with another member of the team.


Flowers need to be watered every few days after arranging and titivated to ensure they are in good order for the next arranger to take over 1-2 weeks later.


If you love flowers and like being part of a jolly team, please phone

Tina Owen on: 01306 882978.

Eucharistic Ministers.png

Eucharistic Ministers

We have a dedicated team of Eucharistic Ministers who assist Fr Simon in taking Holy Communion and visiting the our frail and elderly. If you would like to be on our visiting list please call the Parish Office on 01306 882433. Also if any parishioner becomes ill or has to go into hospital, please let us know.


This year's Annual Mass of Healing has been postponed due to Covid-19.


If a parishioner would like to attend Mass but has transport problems, it may be possible to arrange a lift.  Rikki Hughes and Julie Briscoe are the parish co-ordinators.  Please note that this is not possible at the moment due to Covid-19.

Outreach Group (including Sick and Housebound)

An Outreach Group has been formed at St Joseph’s to assist those who may be facing isolation, anxiety and loneliness or need extra support in areas such as shopping, delivery/collection of medicines etc. or a regular phone call to keep in contact.  In the current climate of Covid, these aspects are heightened.  Outreach also incorporates the ministry for the Sick and Housebound which plays a large part in our Parish.  


If you would like a regular phone call or you are aware of someone who needs help with any of the above mentioned, please contact Julie Briscoe -   07821 705209 or Ricki Hughes -  07796 824833 who co-ordinate our Parish Outreach Group.  They have a Volunteer group standing by to help.