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THANK YOU! To everyone who participated in one way or another, school parents as well as parishioners. We raised over £120 in these two weeks. Fortunately, the donations have gone even further. In the last weekend of the scheme, we were able to help The Sunnybank Trust with several items for their fundraising stall at Westfest, they support adults with learning disabilities. A few other items went to Brockham Green Nursery and some others were delivered to the Stripey Stork this week, they help local families experiencing hardship. We appreciate ALL the support and the opportunity to help our school by creating additional funds as well as benefiting other families. Thanks so much, have a great summer! Kathia Thornton

Group Rules

(as posted on the Facebook page)

1. Types of items - General

GENERAL: Items in good condition that could be useful to someone else.

The main purpose is to rehome them and get a small donation (between

50p and £5 - Standard £1 per item is suggested). When small things are

offered, bundles can be created.

2. Types of items - Premium

PREMIUM: These are items in EXCELLENT condition (very little wear or

new items) or big/expensive items worth rehoming beyond £5. The

donation is determined by the person offering but we ask that they are

offered at a low rate to benefit other members.

3. Exceptions

Exceptions include contraband items, medications, underwear (unless

new) or pets please. Electrical goods are only allowed if they are for free.

4. Format of posts

Post should include: A description of the item (or items), the suggested

monetary donation, a rough idea of the location for collection and a


PREMIUM items should be labelled as such. You can always include the

retail price for reference.

If the item has not been described correctly, the collector can decide not

to take it on pick up. Also, do not delete any posts.

5. Getting an item

An advertised item will be given to the first person that politely asks for

it on the post, not through a private message. However, you can send a

private message to ask for an item after it has been listed for ONE day.

Once an item is given the "seller" should edit the post to comment that it

is now gone ( or sold subject to collection - SSTC).

6. Collecting items

Please ensure both parties arrange collection within a reasonable time

frame (24hrs), otherwise it will be passed on to the next person in line.

If an item is offered and not collected by a member and if no effort to

contact has been received, the giver reserves the right to re-offer.

Many people leave items outside their homes at an arranged time so

they can be collected.

7. Paying donations

At the moment it can only be done through cash to the school office.

We’ll let you know if any other options become available.

You can pay after collecting each item or at the end of each week (Fri 9th

and 16th) as a lump sum. Simply search for your name on the SJPL

Facebook page and all posts where you have commented will appear.

“Sellers” can also collect and take the money to school if they wish to

8. Be fair

We would encourage everyone using the site to also post items to give

away to ensure the group's longevity and also, allow everyone to have a


9. Always be kind

Please be mindful of everyone's individual circumstances and do not

leave negative or sarcastic comments. Always be kind.

10. Not allowed...

After collecting, do not resell any item as this abuses people's generosity.

Anyone doing so could be instantly removed and banned. Also anyone

not adhering to the rules could be removed from the group.

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