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**  Please note that the rotas will need to be changed from Sunday 1st March 2020 to reflect the change in Mass time to one Mass at 10.00 am. 


Could you contact the parish office to inform them whether you would like to continue to be on the rota for the Sunday Mass at 10.00 am or change to the Saturday Mass at 6.00 pm.  Thank you.

Parish Office

Parish Secretary: Penny Dubois

Opening hours: 10am -2pm, Tuesday to Friday

Please come to back door of the presbytery.

Contact details:

Telephone:    01306 882433

Holy Mass:

Sunday Mass: Saturday 6pm, Sunday 9am and 11am

Weekdays:  Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday 9.30am

                    Thursday 7:30pm, Friday 12:30pm

Holy Days   9.30am, 8.00pm.

The above services are subject to change.

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