Welcome to St Joseph's

St Joseph's is the Catholic Parish Church for Dorking in the Diocese of Arundel and Brighton. We are an active welcoming community, offering spiritual and pastoral support for everyone, helping each other to grow in knowledge and love of our Catholic faith.

We hope that you find the information on our Parish and its activities useful.


If there is anything else you would like to know please do not hesitate to contact us via the Parish Office on 01306 882433 or email saintjosephs@tiscali.co.uk

Celebrating Sunday Mass
From Sunday 1st March there will be a single Sunday morning Mass at 10am.  A form with further information is available in the church porch or from this link Celebrating Sunday Mass 31.01.2020. Please take one, read and complete if applicable. 
Celebrating Sunday Mass 3 - Further Considerations
As the various rotas will need to be changed, could you contact the office to confirm whether you would like to continue to be on the rota for the 10.00 am Mass or if you would like to change to the Saturday 6.00 pm rota. 
Our Mission Statement

Together with our Priest, we are

united in our Catholic faith.

We pray to the Holy Spirit to guide

us in our service of God and our

service of each other.

As a parish we strive to be a warm, welcoming and forward looking community.

St Joseph's Action on Climate Change and the Environment - launch on 1st March at 10.00 am Mass
 We would like to form a group of like minded people to enable our parish to apply for the CAFOD Live Simply award, (see https:// cafod.org.uk/Campaign/How-to-Campaign/Livesimply-award) and EcoChurch awards.   More information here
Father Tony Milner – Parish Priest
Deacon Tony Kinal
Parish Secretary Penny Dubois
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Churches Together in Dorking

St Joseph’s is an active member of Churches Together in Dorking (CTD). Along with other churches in the town, St Joseph’s plays a full part in growing vision for interdenominational outreach and projects such as Soul Connect Youth Work and Street Pastors.

Parish Office

Parish Secretary: Penny Dubois

Opening hours: 10am -2pm, Tuesday to Friday

Please come to back door of the presbytery.

Contact details:

Telephone:    01306 882433

Holy Mass:

Sunday Mass: Saturday 6pm, Sunday 9am and 11am

Weekdays:  Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday 9.30am

                    Thursday 7:30pm, Friday 12:30pm

Holy Days   9.30am, 8.00pm.

The above services are subject to change.

Please download the weekly newsletter

for the most up to date information.

Parish Secretary Penny Dubois