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Wayne Kitcat - Chair

Peter Briscoe - Treasurer

Michael Shanahan

Fr. Ian Vane

Parish Giving

As a parish we accept cash and cheque donations and there is a collection basket out at each Sunday Mass, however if you would prefer to make a donation by bank transfer then please contact Penny via the parish office for details. If you are a tax-payer, Penny can also give you details of how to gift-aid your donation, which enables us to collect an extra 25% from the tax man.

The Diocesan Donation page is also available just make sure your donation is for Dorking St Joseph’s! Click here for link

Card Readers: You can now Gift Aid your donations via the card reader:

1. Decide which card you are going to use.

2. Choose amount

3. A new screen will open asking if you would like to Gift Aid your donation

4. Choose YES or NO

5. Complete the form

6. Done.

Assuming you use the same payment method you only have to register once. The card reader software is run by GiveALittle which is completely different to the church Gift Aid system so even if you have registered with the parish you will need to register again on this system. The card readers are available whenever the church is open so you do not have to wait for the weekend to use them!.

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